Snowfalls expected in Kiev in the next few days

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In Kiev, in snowfalls are expected in the next few days

Kiev will fall asleep in snow in the next few days, forecasters warn about this. The Kiev City Council assures that the city is ready for worsening weather conditions and overcoming their consequences.

First Deputy Mayor Mykola Povoroznik recalled that there are heating points in the capital . He also stressed that during the period of worsening weather conditions in Kiev, the entry of large-sized vehicles is limited.

This will unload the roads in the capital, as well as reduce the intensity of traffic jams in the morning and evening.

Also in the Kyiv City State Administration added that road services are ready to work in an enhanced mode. Kyivavtodor Management Company has special equipment at its disposal even before the precipitation begins in order to promptly start processing roads to counteract icy conditions and snow removal.

In total, 458 units of basic equipment and 128 additional units.

Mykola Povoroznyk urged Kievans during the worsening weather conditions to refrain from using personal transport , and to give preference to public transport.

– I remind drivers that parked cars should not interfere with the work of special equipment so that they do not have to be evacuated. And please, be vigilant and careful on the roads, – Nikolay Povoroznik noted.

In the evening of December 24, large-scale traffic jams formed in Kiev & # 8212; Ukrainians expect three days off. A large number of accidents occurred on the roads of the capital, especially in the city center.

Traffic also became more difficult on some bridges. For more details on where traffic jams formed in Kiev, see the material.

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