Sobyanin: “Digital services helped Moscow to withstand the pandemic”

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The international online forum Smart Cities Moscow is being held in Moscow on May 25 and 26. Participants discuss the introduction of know-how, accelerating the adoption of digital technologies, online platforms, as well as the involvement of private companies in the management of cities.

At the plenary session today, May 25, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin shared the capital's experience in the development of digital technologies.

“It is simply impossible to manage a city like Moscow without information technology,” Sobyanin said. – Moscow has a very advanced information platform. When we talk about innovations in the field of a smart city, we often talk about something that does not directly affect the lives of people in the city, about some exclusive products like asphalt, which changes color when pedestrians walk on it. But we focus on a specific person, he should be comfortable and safe in the city. All digital services are aimed at helping people.

According to him, all this cannot be developed without artificial intelligence. Moreover, in Moscow it is used en masse in health care, construction, housing and communal services and other areas of the city.

“Already today, 200 city services and services can be obtained only in electronic form,” the mayor said. – As soon as we do this, the service has a tremendous effect. And if the service works both online and offline, then the control over the provision of the service and its quality may decrease.

As Sobyanin stressed, online platforms with the participation of residents, for example, Active Citizen, Electronic House, Our City, portal, help in managing the city.

The pandemic has once again shown the importance of digital technology, especially in healthcare.

“Digital vision helps to identify diseases; today, diagnostics of pneumonia, oncology and other diseases is given with 95% accuracy,” Sobyanin said. – This is extremely important for human health. Artificial intelligence today allows doctors to more quickly identify diseases. This is a promising direction.

According to the mayor, digital services helped the capital withstand the pandemic. “Without this basis, an effective fight against coronavirus would not have been possible,” stressed Sobyanin. “Therefore, the city, despite the complexities of the pandemic, lives a normal life.”

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