Sobyanin said that without the Indian strain, Moscow would have already emerged from the COVID pandemic

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Sobyanin said that without the Indian strain, Moscow would have already emerged from the COVID pandemic

Moscow. June 26. INTERFAX.RU – If a new, Indian, mutation of the coronavirus had not come to Moscow, the city would have defeated the COVID-19 pandemic, said the mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin.

“The situation is such that we are experiencing, in fact, anew a pandemic, an epidemic (…) is raging in Moscow. (…) And if there had not been a new mutation ( coronavirus – IF ), then we would have already emerged from the pandemic.” – said Sobyanin in an interview with the TV channel “Russia-1” (VGTRK).

The mayor noted that this is evidenced by the low percentage of Muscovites who tolerate the original – Wuhan – strain. “We have won – we can say we won – the Wuhan version of the coronavirus, almost no one is sick with it – well, a maximum of 5%,” Sobyanin said.

According to him, the Indian strain has a shorter incubation period, it requires twice as many antibodies to protect itself as from the Wuhan version.

“To stop the pandemic, one thing is needed: a rapid large-scale vaccination ( against COVID-19 – IF ). Nobody has invented anything else. Of course, you need to comply with sanitary requirements, of course, you need to observe the mask regime in transport, in public places, in trade, and so on. further. But these are all temporary measures “, – added the mayor of the city.

He also mentioned that the effectiveness of the lockdown is temporary, because in the absence of vaccination after the lockdown is lifted, the incidence will begin to rise again.

PCR test for cafes as a compromise

The mayor paid attention to the regime adopted in Moscow, in which, from June 28, catering establishments can be visited only if there is a negative result of a PCR test for coronavirus, transferred no more than six months ago by COVID-19 or vaccination. Sobyanin recalled that QR codes will become evidence of this for visitors to cafes and restaurants.

“Why are they ( certificates of PCR, vaccination and past disease – IF ) not paper? Go on the Internet and see how many crooks there are who promises you to deliver a paper certificate within a few hours. This ( using paper documents – IF ) is impossible. And nowhere in the world do they work on paper, “Sobyanin said, noting the reliability of the QR code system.

At the same time, the mayor said that adding the results of the PCR test to the list of conditions in which Muscovites will be able to visit cafes and restaurants was a compromise solution. “You have to appear in public catering when you have protection, PCR is not protection. (…) This is a kind of compromise,” said the head of the city.

He added that the most reliable evidence is past illness and vaccination.

Earlier, Sobyanin signed a decree that visiting restaurants, bars and cafes, including at night – from 23:00 to 06:00, will be possible for citizens who have fully passed the vaccination, confirmed by a QR code. In addition, from June 28, catering establishments will be able to visit vaccinated people and persons who have had coronavirus no earlier than six months ago or have a negative PCR test done no earlier than 72 hours.

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