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The social network “VKontakte” commented on the appearance of information that only 44% of users log into their accounts.

The social network said that “VKontakte”, on the contrary, is only becoming more popular. The commentary leads

“VKontakte has been continuously growing in terms of attendance since its inception. We are a public company that regularly shares its statistics,” the press service of VKontakte said.

According to the company, the monthly audience of the social network in Russia over the past four years has increased from 66 million to 72 million per quarter, and the number of daily active users amounted to 47 million.

The VKontakte press service also noted that burying a social network is a long tradition. The methodology used by the author of the study “VKontakte is really dying. People started to visit 30% less often in 2 years,” the press service called it incorrect.

Earlier on August 6, DP wrote that VKontakte had opened its third office in St. Petersburg. It is located on Bolshaya Morskaya Street.

Two other offices of the company are located in the Singer House on Nevsky Prospect and in the house near the Red Bridge.

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