Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine returned to the children the nominal spoons that the occupiers stole from them: a touching story


Ukrainian Armed Forces returned to children the name spoons that the invaders stole from them: a touching story

The Russian army is famous for its cynical looting for good reason. During the occupation of the Kyiv region, the invaders stole personalized spoons from Ukrainian children.

Deputy director of the Dnipropetrovsk Historical Museum named after Yavornytsky Yuriy Fanygin told about this. He said that the spoons had already returned to their owners.

How the stolen items were found

During demining near the village of Zdvizhivka, Buchansky district, in an enemy dugout, the Ukrainian military found two personalized spoons with the data of two children. Dates of birth were indicated on them: January 17, 2006 and August 12, 2008.

Nominal spoons that abducted the invaders/Photo by Yuri Fanygin

Subsequently, it turned out that the invaders stole it from the locals. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine handed over the spoons of the grandmother of the children. Now the children are abroad with their mother.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine handed over the find to their grandmother/Photo by Yury Fanygin

“Everything was stolen and destroyed from them. But the spoons came back. Everything is a miracle in this story!” Fanygin wrote. h2>

  • As a result of the successful and decisive actions of the Ukrainian defenders, the Kiev region was completely liberated from the Russian occupiers on April 2, 2022.
  • Valeriy Zaluzhny, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, announced that the de-occupation of the Kiev region demonstrated to the world that Ukrainians will not cede a single piece of their land, the crimes of the Russian military in Bucha are forever imprinted in national memory.
  • March 31, on the anniversary of the liberation of Bucha, President Volodymyr Zelensky visited there together with the leaders of Slovakia and Croatia , Slovenia and Moldova. Zelensky stressed that a year had already passed since the Russian invaders were expelled from Bucha.
  • On the streets of the city, Russian evil without disguise saw the light. The Kremlin wanted to bring this to other streets of Ukraine and the world. However, the Ukrainian people stopped the invaders.

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