Soldiers of the MTR miraculously survived the shelling and filmed the arrival of the shell on video: unique footage


SOF soldiers miraculously survived the shelling and filmed the arrival of the projectile: unique footage

In the Kherson region, special operations continue to drive the enemy out of Ukrainian settlements. Military SOF showed a video clip of their work.

Hellish battles continue in the Kherson region. The military SOF of Ukraine, miraculously surviving a hostile arrival, filmed a part of the operation on camera. The footage shows how a shell fired from an enemy vehicle hits the military vehicle. Fortunately, the Ukrainian fighters managed to redeploy.

Subsequently, we see a fragment with broken Russian equipment, which indicates that the special operation was successful. As we learn in the MTR, the Ukrainian defenders drove the infidels out of several settlements.

The arrival of an enemy projectile and the professional work of the SOF: watch the video

The situation in the Kherson region: latest news

  • Unfortunately, about 90% of the Kherson region remains occupied by the enemy. Heavy fighting continues there. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to move powerfully in the South.
  • So far, there really are not a large number of settlements that have been fired. However, this does not mean the lack of success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this direction. The Ukrainian military is focused on “squeezing out” the infidels from their native land, and the cleansing of settlements will be done a little later.
  • Military expert Pavlo Narozhny says that Ukrainian defenders are repeating the scenario of Kharkiv region and part of the Donetsk region in the Kherson region. They are trying to take control of the enemy's most important logistical nodes under fire in order to leave him without reinforcements. Then the Armed Forces of Ukraine will most likely surround the enemy and destroy him, as was the case in Liman and Izyum.

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