Solid ruins: Kazansky showed “liberated from Ukraine” Rubizhne


Solid ruins: Kazansky showed

Russian invaders literally razed Rubizhnoye to the ground/Collage of 24 channels

Russian invaders have been “liberating Ukraine” for more than three months. True, they leave behind only ruins and death. Just look at what they have turned the city of Rubizhnoye into.

Journalist Denis Kazansky posted a creepy photo in his telegram. On it you can see what the Russian invaders turned Rubizhne into. The city where tens of thousands of Ukrainians lived.

“Liberation” of Rubizhne in Russian

This is how Rubizhne “liberated” from Ukraine looks like. How good it became, not like before…, Kazansky wrote.

And, unfortunately, there are many such examples of “dismissal”. The Russians come to our territory, destroy everything that their hand reaches, take away life and leave. True, some of them are lucky to “leave” to Ukraine, because our defenders and defenders send them to the next world.

Solid ruins: Kazansky showed &quot ;liberated from Ukraine" Rubizhnoye

Russian invaders razed Rubizhnoye to the ground/Photo from the telegram of Denis Kazansky

Note that in Rubizhnoye the Russian invaders worked out their usual scheme. If the city was not captured in 1-2 days,they just decided to raze it to the ground. This has already been done with Mariupol, and with Popasna, and with Zolote and other cities of Ukraine. And this is happening now in Severodonetsk.

Stubborn battles for Severodonetsk do not subside

  • The head of the Severodonetsk VGA Alexander Stryuk noted that the situation in the city is changing every hour. At the same time, he stressed that no one was going to hand him over. The head of administration added that Severodonetsk had enough strength and means to repel it from the enemy. The main thing is to believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Earlier, British intelligence noted that there were battles in the city. In addition, the Russian invaders continue to move in the direction of Slavyansk.
  • At the same time, the Institute for the Study of War noted that no such movement was observed over the past day. They stressed that they did not see “a single confirmed advance” of the military of the aggressor country towards Slavyansk.
  • In Severodonetsk itself, the Russian invaders continue to destroy everything around. As noted by the head of the Luhansk police department Serhiy Gaidai, the occupiers are destroying civilian infrastructure. Enemy shelling also hit state institutions, as well as the city's bakery. In it, Gaidai emphasized, bread for the residents was baked to the last.

Fierce battles in Severodonetsk continue. And this is just one of the areas where the enemy continues to suffer losses. In general, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, our military has destroyed 31,250 Russian invaders. There are also thousands of pieces of equipment.

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