Solovyov frankly called for a nuclear attack on London for helping Ukraine: a cynical video


Soloviev frankly called for a nuclear attack on London for helping Ukraine: a cynical video

Russian propagandists carefully “feed shit” to their own citizens every day. This time they began to threaten to use nuclear weapons on the UK for helping Ukraine. However, for some reason the propagandists forget that the West's response will be immediate and harsh.

While the “great” Russian army has been messing around and bombarding Bakhmut and neighboring settlements with troupes for several months now, Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov is openly thinking about the need to strike Britain with nuclear weapons.

In their hateful rhetoric, the propagandists forget that in response to a nuclear strike, the West will do everything possible not to leave an empty space from the Russian leadership. And the military capabilities of the invaders will be literally destroyed.

However, this does not prevent Solovyov from discussing various apocalyptic and suicidal ideas on television.

According to my humble understanding, if we strike at London with a non-nuclear charge… If we decide to use a nuclear charge, then we first need to destroy what can answer us, Solovyov said.

In parallel, another “expert” in the studio began to tell that it is necessary to inflict a massive nuclear strike on London. This is how the occupiers reacted to just 14 Challenger 2 tanks that Britain will give to Ukraine.

Propagandists are proud of their own prisoners

Another favorite topic of Russian propagandists is the packs of prisoners dying in the fields of the Donetsk region as part of the Wagner PMC. It doesn't matter if he killed people before or raped them. According to propagandists, if he died in the war against Ukraine, he has already become a hero.

Some say that convicts were in prison and then died in the war. And he is buried as a hero. Yes, he is a hero. Because he was in prison, and then he didn’t go somewhere to “rummage around”, but he defended his homeland. He died in the battle for the country and atoned for his guilt, as none of you dreamed of, – another Russian propagandist tells his insanity.

The Russians threw a funny fake about the American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles

  • Russian invaders are so “good at fighting” that they have already managed to destroy the American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, which are not even in Ukraine yet. General Igor Konashenkov said that Russia has already hit 4 of these infantry fighting vehicles
  • It is known that Bradleys will appear in Ukraine only after some time. Now the Ukrainian military is mastering them abroad.
  • The Verkhovna Rada has already reacted to the fake Russians. They were beautifully trolled.

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