Solovyov spoke about the protection of the “fraternal people” of the Serbs


Soloviev spoke about defending the

Russian propagandists are already looking for where else to send their “rescue squads”. So, Solovyov has already talked about the Serbian “fraternal people” in need of intervention.

He noted this on the air of his show, says Channel 24.Solovyov called for something to be done to avoid the alleged “Third World War in the Balkans”.

Calls for help to Serbia

Traditional propagandist< strong> first muttered something about “great people”. In the same sentence, he mentioned Serbs as well. Like, you need to intervene in the situation. But here, too, he decided to cheat by transferring responsibility.

Solovyov noted that he did not intend to push the political leadership of the country. At the same time, this “difficult” question torments him very much.

But if we see how our brothers will be destroyed now. Should we write another note? What options do we have? What can we say? Or will World War III break out again in the Balkans, as the First World War once began? – Solovyov hysterically.

The latest news about the escalation in Kosovo

  • Note that the tension between Serbia and Kosovo has not subsided for several weeks now. Thus, in Belgrade, President Vučić ordered all defense forces to be put on alert.
  • Journalists periodically report that various kinds of unrest, assaults or shots occur on the Serbian-Kosovo border.
  • So far, it is known that the Serbian special forces are ready to attack the north of Kosovo at any moment. For this, 1,500 fighters are stationed near the border.
  • In Serbia, they are convinced that their army has become more active only for defense purposes. Like, they are simply protecting their territorial integrity and sovereignty. In particular, they protect Serbs from terror wherever they live.
  • The last statement bears a striking resemblance to the Russian narratives used by Putin to justify a full-scale invasion. He also publicly stated that this was a so-called “special operation”, the purpose of which was to save the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine from terror and bullying.
  • And since Serbia is heavily dependent on Russia, we are not surprised that this kind of rhetoric Solovyov voiced in relation to Belgrade. Like, the Serbs need to be saved from “terror”.

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