Some of the Leopard 2 tanks from Spain are already on their way to Ukraine: when will they arrive


Part of Leopard 2 tanks from Spain are already on their way to Ukraine: when will they arrive

Some of the Leopard 2 tanks that Spain promised to hand over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been sent. They are already heading to our state.

Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles told reporters when tanks can be expected in Ukraine. She also said that they are talking about six Leopard 2 tanks.

When Leopard 2 tanks arrive in Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense said that Leopard 2 tanks have already left the Spanish port city of Santander in the north of the country. They were sent “along with 20 heavy vehicles”.

In six days, in transit through another country, they will be in Ukraine,” said Margarita Robles.

It should be added that after the meeting of the Ramstein-10 Contact Group on Ukrainian Defense, the Spanish Minister of Defense announced the transfer four more tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Before that, Madrid promised Ukraine only six tanks. Then, on March 15, Margarita Rabelais announced that Spain would give us another batch of TOA M113 armored personnel carriers, armored tracked vehicles carrying combat units.

Tanks promised to send after Easter

  • At the end of March, the Spanish media, citing government sources, wrote that six Leopard 2 tanks were under repair before being sent.
  • Then it was said that the tanks had already been repaired at plant in Seville.
  • The equipment was planned to be transported by sea to Poland after they received combat certification. Already from a neighboring country, six Leopard 2s were supposed to be delivered to Ukraine.

Pay attention! On March 13, it became known that our military had completed tank training. The Spanish Armed Forces trained on the Leopard 2:

  • 40 tank crew members;
  • 15 mechanical specialists.

Then the Spanish trainer, Captain Contreras, said that Ukrainian military will return home “with very reasonable knowledge” about Leopard tanks.

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