Someday it will explode, – Klimkin suggested that he is waiting for Russia in the future


Someday it will explode, – Klimkin suggested that he is waiting for Russia in the future

Klimkin about the future of Russia/Collage 24 channel

The Forum of the Free Peoples of Russia was held in Prague. They showed a map of the decolonization of Russia after the fall of the Putin regime. Experts say it's entirely possible. Ex-Minister Klimkin also suggested what awaits Russia in the future.


Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin shared his own opinion with Channel 24. He believes that the process of self-awareness of the indigenous peoples of Russia is irreversible.

According to him, it is not yet known when this “wave” will start, but it will definitely come, because in modern Russia the enslaved peoples are not feel human.

“On this map of the decolonization of Russia, there is another important aspect – there are also representatives of the Russian ethnic group, because there is no Russian nation. It is also interesting how the enslaved peoples represent the division of the European part of Russia,” Klimkin said.

Someday it will explode, – Klimkin suggested what awaits Russia in the future

Map of decolonization of Russia from the Forum of Free Peoples/Photo by Radio Liberty

He noted that it may not start today – tomorrow, but this is a completely new political and emotional situation.

They all look at us and say that “if you can, then why can't we.” They had a despondency for many years, growing hatred and disgust at the way they were enslaved. And now it has begun to spill over,” Klimkin said.

In his opinion, the enslaved peoples of Russia, looking at Ukraine, get inspired and think about the future.

“At the same time, they are quarreling with the so-called Russian liberal opposition, which does not want more autonomy. This also creates discussions within Russia. But these discussions are serious and more and more people are looking at this as the future,” the ex-minister said.

He believes that some of these leaders of the enslaved peoples will definitely be able to lead new autonomiesthey have respect and support among their people. And the rest of the leaders will appear in the process of self-determination.

But this process will be unpredictable, and we currently do not know what the process of resetting Russia will be, in particular whether it will be a complete collapse or some new confederation or federations. Klimkin replied.

However, he is sure that today's reality will not survive, because there is fear and disgust for Russians who exploit people.

“There's not just a wave of discontent, but disgust. She builds up like a volcano and then it explodes. And it is important to understand that this (Putin's) regime is not strong, it is weak,” the ex-minister added.

According to him, in some regions even the security forces are beginning to test their fallback options. There is a feeling that some of them, in the event of the collapse of Russia, will first of all declare some kind of independence.

And this is not like the October coup in Russia, “This is a process that involves thousands of people. Yes, they are still scared, but this is a new emotion. This is primarily Siberia, the Volga and the Caucasus. But such conversations are starting in the European part of Russia,” Klimkin summed up.

Klimkin suggested what the future holds for Russia: video

By the way, the peoples enslaved by Russia are slowly preparing to overthrow the yoke of the invaders. In particular, Ichkeria began to think about the desired freedom. volunteers named the necessary prerequisites for the liberation of Ichkeria.

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