Sometimes people think that “Bayraktar” can be bought somewhere on the boulevard – Pritula about the needs of the army


Sometimes people think that

“Bayraktar”/Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Sergei Prytula said that mostly strange requests for help come from civilians. After all, sometimes people think that “Bayraktar” can be bought somewhere on the boulevard.

According to Sergei Prytula, mainly when communicating with the Armed Forces of Ukraine or volunteer battalions, there is an approximate list of requests. May differ as the specification of the required item.

“Roughly speaking, if the guys sitting in the trenches need a thermal imager of one model, then our sabotage and reconnaissance group, which goes deep behind enemy lines, needs gadgets of the highest quality,” Pritula explained.

They are really expensive, but you understand that a night vision device worth 8 – 10 thousand dollars gives an advantage to the enemy, allows you to work ahead of the curve and stay alive. Therefore, we do not save, – said Serhiy Prytula.

According to him, transport is constantly in demand. Since 2014, it has never been enough and never will be, because the army has grown.

Sergey Prytula said that there is no big problem with quadrocopters, because they have already been distributed a lot and there will be even more. It is known that now 85 copters, chartered back in mid-March, have come to his fund.

In May, I expect the delivery of 200 copters and 1 UAV. There is a great demand for unmanned aerial vehicles. Because several Ukrainian manufacturers that provided our army in the previous 8 years evacuated production and it took them time to restart,” Serhiy Prytula said.

“I mean, first of all, the Aist- 100″ and Ukrspetssistem's PD-2 drone. Now they are already taking orders,” Prytula added.

He noted that at that time they began to buy out various models that they found abroad. Some of them are an absolute novelty for our military. Therefore, the people who sell them sent their specialists to teach the Ukrainian military how to use these UAVs.

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