“Somewhere under the Pentagon”: a fake was launched in Russia about the destruction of the American Abrams tank


"Somewhere near the Pentagon": a fake about the destruction of the American Abrams tank was launched in Russia

No matter what happens at the front, the Russians confidently continue to create more and more ridiculous fakes about their “successes “. However, the propagandists and producers of fakes overdid it a little and “destroyed” an American tank near Soledar, which is not even in sight in Ukraine.

The Russians created a fake about a destroyed American tank, inside of which there was an African American. But the trouble is that the United States has not yet provided such weapons to Ukraine.

What are the Russians coming up with again

Russian propagandists say that the occupiers near Soledar successfully “destroyed” the first American tank M1 Abrams. And not just “destroyed”, but they did it from the RPG-18 “Fly”. And that's not all – it turns out that it was not a Ukrainian military man who led the tank, but, perhaps, an African-American NATO instructor.

It is interesting that in the photo with the supposedly “destroyed” tank one can see a green tree, even though it is winter. But this does not bother the invaders.

The Russians wanted to show a “big and powerful” army that easily destroyed American tanks, but there are no such tanks in Ukraine. Because the Russians “destroyed” near Soledar – an open question.

Fake Russians about an American tank/Photo by the CPD

US position on Abrams tanks

We know that access to our site is officially blocked in Russia, but if the creators of fakes visit us via VPN, then the following information will be of interest to them. Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh said at a briefing on January 19 that the United States would not provide Ukraine with M1 Abrams tanks. At least for now. The reason for this is the complexity of maintenance – special fuel and more frequent refueling for maneuvering.

The Pentagon believes that Ukraine will be more useful and easier to use German Leopard tanks and British Challenger.

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