Sony bans McDonald's from donating PS5 gamepads with fries and burger

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Sony bans McDonald's from donating PS5 gamepads with fries and burger

McDonald's Australia has announced a giveaway of 50 PlayStation 5 (PS5) wireless controllers featuring Big Mac and French fries. But Sony banned the action, as the fast food chain did not receive permission from the Japanese manufacturer to use its equipment for advertising purposes. Subsequently, McDonald's replaced game manipulators with sweatshirts and subscriptions.

At the end of July, McDonald's announced a giveaway for its DualSense gamepads to celebrate the brand's 50th anniversary in Australia. On one side of the game pad, the Big Mac was supposed to be depicted, and on the other, French fries. The controllers were expected to be handed out to fast food chain customers in seven Twitch streams.

Sony was clearly not loving it when McDonald's Australia revealed their custom PS5 controller, having reportedly stepped in to block them from being released.

– IGN (@IGN) August 2, 2021

But later the action had to be postponed, and its conditions were changed. As reported by McDonald's, Sony has banned the rally. Instead of gamepads, the company decided to give away streamer subscriptions, themed hoodies.

McDonald's is now actively trying to promote its food among gamers. In early 2021, the fast food chain organized an esports tournament in Southern California. It featured restaurant chain employees who competed in four games – NBA 2K21, FIFA 21, Super Smash Bros. and Madden NFL.

Sony released the DualSense gamepad in November 2020. The controller is a further development of the DualShock series, featuring new vibration motors for improved tactile feedback when playing.

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