Sony will stop selling games for old PlayStation

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Sony will stop selling games for old PlayStation

The online game store for older Sony consoles will be closed this summer. This is reported by TheGamer.

Media sources have confirmed that Sony will stop selling games for a number of consoles this summer. Consoles that will no longer be able to purchase titles include the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable (PSP), and PlayStation Vita. For PS3 and PSP, the store will be unavailable from July 2, for Vita – it will remain open until August 27. The company will announce its decision by the end of March.

According to insiders, the company does not expect to release games and other software for these consoles. Journalists advised gamers to purchase or download the necessary titles before the store closes – after the summer they will remain available only in the memory of the device itself. Also, console users will have the opportunity to buy games on physical media. “There is no doubt that prices for physical games will jump when stores stop working,” the authors concluded.

The flagship PlayStation 3 console was released in 2006. Support for the device was discontinued in September 2015, the production of the set-top box was on May 29, 2017. The company's current console, PS5, went on sale in November 2020.

Earlier, insiders said that the Japanese company is planning to re-release the compact PlayStation Portable (PSP) console. The device should receive 5G support, the set-top box will be designed for cloud gaming.

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