Soon the confidence of the Russians will be shaken, like the Kerch bridge


Russian confidence is coming soon /></p>
<p>Victory is near/Getty Images</p>
<p _ngcontent-sc87=Historic decision – the land Lize – directly says that soon once again the confidence of the Russian invaders will be shaken, like the Crimean bridge.

A similar law helped our ancestors defeat fascism 77 years ago, the same feat with new weapons will be done and in 2022.

Fascism will not pass

In Russia they shout that fascism will not pass? Indeed, it will not pass today – further to Europe – thanks to the resistance of the Ukrainian army.

Unfortunately, in Russia, many heirs of the heroes of the great victory of 1945 betrayed their grandfathers, who stood together with the Ukrainian and Armenian people against Hitler.


Befuddled with propaganda, they took upon themselves all the horror of fascism, supporting the inhuman war against the once “fraternal people”.

We will resist

We will not be ashamed before our ancestors . We won then – we will win now.

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