Soon they will be taken into the ring, drunks are behind: the occupiers again complain about the bitter fate in Ukraine


Soon they will encircle, behind – drunks: the invaders again complain about the bitter fate in Ukraine

Militants of the pro-Russian troops in the Donbass (illustrative photo)/rosSMI

Ukraine began to receive more weapons from Western partners, which allows to change the situation at the front. In some areas, the Russian invaders are already afraid of the cordon.

The Russians expect that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will encircle them

This is evidenced by the conversation two Russian soldiers, who managed to intercept the Ukrainian intelligence officers. During the conversation, the invaders vividly discussed the situation on the front line.

During the conversation, one of the Russian occupiers tried to find out if they were going to be replaced on the front line. He said that he was afraid of the cordon from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but did not specify the area.

It feels like we will be taken into the ring soon. Bypassed on all fronts. We move forward, but we are bypassed from the side. Both east and west. Everyone gathered in one place,” he said.

His comrade asked who was left behind, to which he sadly replied “siloviki, drunks. There is nothing good.”

Video of an intercepted conversation between Russian invaders

With Western weapons, the difference in the Zaporozhye region is already visible

  • Head of the Zaporozhye Regional Military Administration Oleksandr Starukh said that the help from Western partners came a few weeks ago and significantly improved the positions of our troops. According to him, the enemy no longer feels as free as before.
  • Ukrainian forces in Zaporozhye have advanced by about 5-10 kilometers, as reported by Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov. In addition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are approaching the temporarily occupied Kherson.
  • Moreover, the Ukrainian defenders are inflicting significant losses on the occupiers on the island of Serpents. On Tuesday, June 21, the operational command “South” confirmed the strike on Zmeinoye, about which the journalists of Channel 24 were informed the day before. OK Yug stated that they used different forces and methods for the strike, and the enemy suffered significant losses.
  • Also on June 21, Channel 24 sources in the special services reported that the Ukrainian military again hit with several missiles. It is reported that the APU hit enemy targets.

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