Sooner or later, both Abrams and Leclerc will appear in Ukraine – Yigal Levin


Sooner or later both Abrams and Leclerc will appear in Ukraine, – Yigal Levin

French President Emmanuel Macron talked about sharing Leclerc tanks with Ukraine. He asked the French Minister of the Armed Forces to work on this issue.

If the French decide to supply Ukraine with Leclerc, they will provide no more than a company, because they are the only ones with such tanks. About this Channel 24 said military analyst Igol Levin. But, according to him, it will be great, so even in the West these are the most modern tanks.

Leclerc is the most modern tank in the world

He noted that the Leclerc appeared in the 90s, unlike the Abrams and Leopard, which were developed during the Cold War in the 70s and 80s and then modernized.


Of course, today's Abrams and Leopards are not what they were in the 80s. As for the Leclerc, it was also modernized and today it is one of the protected, modern and technological tanks in the world, in particular, among the western fleet of armored vehicles, the analyst believes.

According to him, Abrams, Leopard or Challenger are also very good tanks, they cannot be compared with Soviet ones.

“Abrams and Leclerc will appear in Ukraine sooner or later,” he believes.

T-72 – simple and easy to operate

Levin spoke about the Soviet tanks that the Russians now use. Among them is the T-72.

This is a mobilization tank designed for a mass nuclear war between the Soviet Union and NATO. Then more than 200 million people in the Soviet Union had to be mobilized and it was necessary to put them on simple vehicles,” he noted.

The military analyst emphasized that the T-72 is a simple tank, it is easy to learn how to drive it and produce in large quantities. And after delivering nuclear strikes, these hordes of tanks should advance on Europe.

Military analyst on the advantages of Western tanks: watch the video

Western tanks are much better than Russian ones

In his opinion, the West had a different concept for developing tanks. They did not rely on quantity, but on quality. Their tanks have thermal imagers, guidance systems, stabilization systems, etc. Crew comfort was also taken into account.

Soviet cars had no ventilation at all. Why are the conditions convenient for T-72 tankers if they will burn out in this nuclear war anyway? Western cars, on the other hand, were created taking into account ergonomics – so that people would be comfortable there. – he stressed.

He noted that Western tanks are much better in all respects, in particular in the quality of instruments and optics, than the Soviet ones, which are now Russian.

Supplying heavy tanks to Ukraine: latest news

  • Ukraine and partners are waiting for a decision from Berlin to provide our state with Leopard tanks. However, in Germany they say that they will not interfere if Poland transfers the tanks without their approval.
  • NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg believes that Germany can very soon approve the transfer of Leopard tanks to Ukraine. According to him, all countries that have tanks in service can begin to prepare them for transfer.
  • The Kremlin began to panic because of Leopard tanks for Ukraine. Dmitry Peskov was released from the bunker with a portion of threats. He said that the transfer of Leopard tanks to Ukraine “will leave an inevitable imprint” in relations between Russia and Germany.

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