Sooner or later it will come to Putin, – the political scientist suggested, when the leader of Russia goes to jail


Sooner or later it will reach Putin, – the political scientist suggested when the Russian leader goes to jail

When Putin goes to jail/Lviv.Media

Sooner or later, Russia must be held accountable for the terrible crimes it commits on the territory of Ukraine.

In particular, the turn will reach the main organizer of these atrocities – Vladimir Putin. Political scientist Vladimir Fesenko said this on air on Channel 24.

He believes that the International Criminal Court should become the decisive platform.

Reference. The International Criminal Court is an international tribunal established in 1998 to investigate and prosecute individuals accused of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. This is the first tribunal operating on a permanent basis.

Despite the fact that Russia has not signed the Rome Charter, however, as the experience of, for example, Yugoslavia shows, this will not interfere with the investigation of crimes against humanity.

The main thing is that later it would be possible to bring Putin and other war criminals to justice, – Fesenko believes.

And he added that the process has already begun. The question will continue to be when and in what form all war criminals will be brought to justice.

“Sooner or later, it will reach the main perpetrators who unleashed this war – Putin and other representatives of Russia,” the political scientist emphasized.

Germany's position has changed

Earlier German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier even stated that it is necessary to bring to justice for war crimes in Ukraine all those involved in them. In particular, Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov must answer before the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Although Steinmeier was one of the supporters of dialogue with Russia, it was the war and the crimes of the Russian Federation that influenced his opinion and position, he said political scientist.

“And the same will happen to many Western politicians. And all these crimes must be documented and all these procedures must be started,” Fesenko stressed.

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