Source of funding for Trump's rally that ended with the storming of the Capitol revealed

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Source of funding for Trump's rally that ended in the storming of the Capitol revealed

The rally in support of 45th US President Donald Trump, which took place in Washington in early January and ended with the storming of the Capitol, was funded by a small group of people, including one of the largest donors to the election campaign of former American leader Julie Jenkins Fancelli. The source of funding was disclosed by The Wall Street Journal.

As the publication managed to establish, Fancelli, which is the heir to the American supermarket chain Publix, allocated about 300 thousand dollars for the event, out of the total amount of 500 thousand spent on organizing the action. According to The Wall Street Journal, American TV presenter Alex Jones, known for his far-right beliefs, helped raise funds for Fancelli.

Jones himself also allocated $ 50,000 for the rally in exchange for the right to make a speech there at his chosen time, the newspaper writes. It is known that he had previously announced his participation in the financing of the action, but did not disclose details.

Publix has already told the publication that Fancelli does not represent the company in any way and does not participate in its business operations. The woman herself stressed that she did not support the violence that took place during the attack on the Capitol, but noted that she had doubts about the integrity of the last presidential election.

On January 6, Republican protesters stormed the Capitol Building and surrounded the Senate Hall. The Senate and the House of Representatives interrupted the meeting at which it was planned to approve the results of the last elections. During the protests, the police detained almost 70 rioters, five people were killed. On January 14, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump over the riots in Washington.

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