South Korea to host an event based on the Squid Games

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South Korea to host an event based on the Squid Games

Competitions from the popular Korean TV series “Squid Game” will be transferred to real life. No kills, only the essence of the game will remain.

The media reported that on October 24, the so-called “Squid Game” will be held on the territory of one of the hotels in the city of Gangneung, located in South Korea. Participants can be of any gender and age. A series of children's games awaits everyone, and the winner will receive a prize of more than four thousand dollars. Of course, the prize pool is not comparable to what was presented in the series (in the show, the main prize was $ 38.5 million.

All registered participants will be sent stylized business cards with a phone, as it was in the series. The presenter's face will also be hidden under a stylized mask. Players will have to play Red Light, Green Light, tug of war, weaving, and repeat the sugar candy test.

Fans of the series are expected to want to attend the event and will likely use the life hacks that were featured on the show.

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