Soviet cosmonaut spoke about the shock of our American colleagues from the toilet to the “Union”

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Советский космонавт рассказал о шоке американских коллег от туалета на «Союзе»

Vladimir Dzhanibekov

NASA astronauts were shocked when we saw the toilet on the Soviet spacecraft “Soyuz”. Such memories the solemn event dedicated to the anniversary of the docking of “Soyuz” and “Apollo” was shared twice Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov. His words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

“Elementary: hole to pee through the valve. From [Anatoly] Filipchenko (member of the backup crew — approx. “Of the”) ask: what is the size of the output device? He writes: XXXL. Ladies are lining up for an autograph by Anatoly. [Alexei] Leonov in the direction of the rest”, — told today.

According to the Agency, on the ships “Apollo” was used special packages. They now have on Board the ISS as emergency funds. However, since the flight of Yuri Gagarin in 1961, the Soviet ships have installed toilets.

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