Soviet missile attack on American tank M1 Abrams hits video

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Soviet missile attack on American tank M1 Abrams hits video

Our colleagues from Rossiyskaya Gazeta found an interesting video on YouTube. In it, an American M1A2 Abrams tank was hit by a Soviet anti-tank missile. Presumably we are talking about “Bassoon” or “Competition”.

The publication writes that the attack was struck by the Housites from Saudi Arabia. The target was the combat vehicles of the local Saudis.

Note that the rocket “hit” the left side of the tank's hull, but, apparently, was unable to inflict really serious damage. The journalists of Rossiyskaya Gazeta, in turn, admit that the shaped charge could not penetrate the armor of the vehicle.

We will remind that earlier Forbes published material in which it declared the excellent tolerance of Abrams tanks in temperatures typical for Alaska. At the same time, the combat vehicle was recognized not as mobile as the Russian T-90.

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