SpaceX successfully launched a rocket with a record number of satellites

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SpaceX successfully launched a rocket with a record number of satellites

Falcon 9 launch with Iridium NEXT satellites (archived)

SpaceX successfully launched its Falcon 9 launch vehicle on January 24 with a record number of satellites. The operation was broadcast on the company's website.

Among the 143 satellites launched, there are 10 Starlink satellites, another 48 satellites are owned by Planet, which studies the Earth's surface. Among others, 36 mini-satellites from Internet of Things company Swarm Technologies are involved in the operation. It is clarified that the mission was named Transporter-1.

According to RIA Novosti, the launch of a 200-kilogram satellite is estimated at a million dollars. Exceeding the indicator per kilogram adds five thousand dollars to the cost.

The launch of the Falcon 9 rocket with 143 satellites was originally scheduled for January 23, but the company had to revise plans due to adverse weather conditions. In this regard, a SpaceX representative announced the postponement of the launch by a day.

On January 18, Elon Musk's competitor, Virgin Orbit, launched its LauncherOne rocket into orbit for the first time. During the launch, nine CubeSat satellites were launched into orbit. “We are proud to say that LauncherOne has completed its first space mission, bringing satellites into space for our NASA friends,” the company said.

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