Spain hands over 20 M113 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine: date announced


Spain donates 20 M113 APCs to Ukraine: date announced

Spain will soon send new military aid to Ukraine – 20 M113 armored personnel carriers. They announced the date when the shipment will take place.

Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles first announced such plans during her visit to Latvia last week. However, the possibility of sending M113 armored personnel carriers was first mentioned last summer.

20 armored personnel carriers will be sent on February 6.

APC characteristics

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  • The M113 armored personnel carrier is the main tracked infantry fighting vehicle in service with the mechanized troops of the US Army and many armies around the world. The Portuguese troops have had this technique for over 30 years.
  • The military say that this armored personnel carrier is very convenient and thoughtful, it has an automatic transmission.
  • In addition, the M113 is roomy, it fits here more landing. Armored personnel carriers entered service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2022.
  • Spain may transfer tanks

    In addition, Spain intends to transfer several military tanks Leopard 2A4. Probably 4-6. The country has over 300 Leopards. However, most of them are in storage and are not serviceable.

    Reporters report that Santa Bárbara has already begun urgent repairs to “half a dozen” tanks in order to ship them as soon as possible.

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