Spain hands over additional Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine: how many units will the soldiers receive



Spain continues to support Ukraine in the war against Russia. The Ministry of Defense of the country announced the transfer of additional Leopard 2 tanks to our defenders.

The head of the department, Margarita Robles, said that four more main battle tanks will soon be sent from Spain to UkraineLeopard 2. In addition, our arsenal will be replenished with a batch of M113 armored personnel carriers.

Ukrainian soldiers are being trained in Spain

During the Ramstein-12 meeting Robles spoke about the current status of deliveries from Spain, noting that her country will transfer 4 more Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks and a new batch of M113 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine.

In addition, the head of the Ministry of Defense noted good progress in preparing the Ukrainian military for territory of Spain.

To date, 1,500 people have been trained in Spain,” the official said.

Robles hopes that her country will be able to meet its annual quota for training the Ukrainian military ahead of schedule .

Spanish soldiers saw off Ukrainian soldiers with tears in their eyes

  • In Spain, the military saw off Ukrainian soldiers who had completed their studies. The Spanish military did not hold back their emotions when they saw off our soldiers.
  • From the published footage, we can conclude that the Spanish and Ukrainian military managed to make friends while our soldiers were being trained in Spain. The video shows that several Spaniards are crying at once. It is not yet known what kind of exercises Ukrainian fighters took place in Spain.
  • Let us add that in October 2022, our military learned in Spain to operate the Aspide anti-aircraft missile system. The exercises were held at a military air base in the Spanish city of Zaragoza. 19 Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners arrived there.

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