Spain is ready to transfer its Leopard tanks to Ukraine, – El Pais


Spain ready to donate its Leopard tanks to Ukraine, – El Pais

Germany's decision to transfer Leopard to Ukraine set off a chain reaction. There is no more containment from Berlin, so Spain is also ready to send battle tanks to our army.

According to available data, Ukraine can count on several dozen Leopards from Spain. These tanks are known to be in good condition.

Ukraine will get even more Leopard

According to journalists, back in 1998, the Spanish government purchased 53 Leopard tanks. They are located in the Casetas logistics center located in Zaragoza. It is known that at least 20 of these combat vehicles are in good condition. The rest need intervention, because the tanks were literally idle.

In addition, Spain has Leopards that were used in Ceuta and Melilla. But there are low chances that these tanks could be handed over to Ukraine.

Spanish publications remind that Pedro Sanchez, the country's prime minister, was the first leader who called for Leopard to Ukraine back in the summer.

strong>True, in August, Defense Minister Margarita Robles assured that the cars were in a “completely deplorable” condition. They say that such tanks are simply impossible to use.

The main characteristics of the Leopard tanks/Channel 24 infographics

Germany's decision launched a chain reaction

    < li>Recall that a number of states have been actively putting pressure on Germany for several weeks. After all, they did not have the right to transfer German Leopards without permission. And Chancellor Olaf Scholz frankly took his time with him, so as not to provoke an escalation.
  • And only on January 24 it became known that Germany would give us at least one company of Leopard 2A6 tanks. And this is what literally untied the hands of Ukraine's allies.
  • For example, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands said that the country was ready to purchase 18 Leopard 2 tanks leased from Germany. After that, they plan to transfer the combat vehicles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Norway is also considering supplying the Leopard 2. She is ready to give us about 8 combat vehicles. But that's not all.
  • As part of the Ramstein meeting, 12 states agreed that they would hand over about 100 Leopard 2 to our army. Let us recall that this issue was most actively pushed by Poland, which put pressure on Germany in every possible way.
  • By the way, all this movement also became the reason for discussing the possible provision of American Abrams to Ukraine. It is known that about 30 such tanks can be transferred to our army. But the Pentagon has not yet made official statements on this.

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