Spain voted to legalize euthanasia

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Spain voted to legalize euthanasia

The Spanish Congress of Deputies, the country's lower house of parliament, voted to legalize euthanasia. The corresponding bill was supported by 198 out of 350 legislators. Reported by El Pais.

It is assumed that terminally ill patients, as well as people with incurable chronic diseases that bring them unbearable mental or physical suffering, will receive the right to arbitrarily take their lives with the help of doctors.

The bill assumes that an adult citizen of the country or a person with a residence permit can submit a request for euthanasia. He will be required to confirm his decision at least four times, and he will have the right at any time to withdraw the application or ask for an extension. Each case will be monitored by a special commission.

The draft has not yet been adopted – after the adoption by the Congress of Deputies, it will be discussed in the Senate, the upper house of the Spanish legislative body. If adopted, it will come into effect in the first half of 2021.

In late October, it was reported that the legalization of euthanasia was supported in a referendum by the majority of the population of New Zealand. This decision will take effect by the end of next year.

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