Spent a million rubles: the Russians in Melitopol disgraced the rally in honor of Putin


A million rubles wasted: Russians in Melitopol disgraced themselves with a motor rally in honor of Putin

Russians failed a motor rally in honor of Putin in Melitopol/Collage of Channel 24

Since the fierce resistance of the Melitopol residents continues, the Russians wanted to imitate the support of the occupiers. True, they managed only once again to embarrass themselves epicly.

The Russians wanted to show their leadership that everything is fine with them in the occupied Melitopol, and that the people support the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. The enemy's intention failed – people did not want to support the occupiers even for money, that is, Russian papers.In Melitopol, the Russian invaders decided to hold a large-scale motor rally in support of Vladimir Putin. The Russians allocated a million rubles for its organization. This was reported to Channel 24 by sources in intelligence.

The organizers began to loudly urge people to join the rally and promised to pay money. The result of the organization of the rally showed that Melitopol residents are not going to play along with the enemy even for money and know that soon the Armed Forces of Ukraine will drive the invaders out of their city.

In total, the invaders managed to collect only 8 cars for a million rubles. 2 drivers refused to attach the Russian flag to their car – they are very afraid of the revenge of the locals, because collaboration with the enemy can cost more than the Russians will pay.

The situation in the occupied territories: briefly about the latest news

  • In the temporarily occupied Kherson, the invaders decided to arrange a pompous celebration of the Day of Russia. Our citizens vividly showed the invaders that there was nothing to do with Russia – there were more “artists” at the concert than spectators. A similar situation was repeated in other settlements of Kherson – people massively ignored the events organized by the Russian invaders.
  • Earlier in the same Kherson, the Russians failed to issue passports to their isolated and useless state. They offered money for obtaining this “document”, and also introduced many rules that make life very difficult for Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories. Our heroic citizens do not give up and believe that our brave warriors will be able to drive the enemy away as soon as possible.

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