Spouses from Kropyvnytskyi Taras and Olga Melsters died in the war for Ukraine


Taras and Olga Melsters, spouses from Kropyvnytskyi, died in the war for Ukraine

Taras and Olga Melsters died in the war/Collage of Channel 24

Russia's war against Ukraine is taking away our best people. Another sad news about the loss came from the East.

In the war with the Russian invaders on June 21, a wife from Kropyvnytskyi died. The death of Olga and Taras Malster was reported by mother Inga Dudnik.

When life forced them to change computer mice to machine guns, I tried to accept their choice. When my daughter cut her braids, not because she wanted to change her hairstyle, but because they interfered with wearing armor, I was covered. And today I'm crying. They became our guardian angels,” the woman wrote.

She thanked her daughter Olga and son-in-law Taras for defending Ukraine. Now they will be her protectors in heaven.

A mother lost her only son

It is known about the deceased Olga that she created confectionery. A woman baked cookies, decorated by hand. She said that the love of drawing and cooking was combined for her in gingerbread.

She also participated in many charitable projects to help the military, cancer patients, children and people who do not have a permanent place of residence. Olga's mother, Inga Dudnik, is the coordinator of the humanitarian center in Kropyvnytskyi to help displaced people.

The deceased hero Taras Malster was his mother's only son, whom she, unfortunately, lost in this war. Lyudmila Shestakova herself is an environmentalist and coordinator of the regional film festival “Docudays UA”.

The editors of Channel 24 sincerely sympathize with all the relatives, acquaintances and friends of the deceased spouses who gave their lives for Ukraine.

  • Unfortunately, we often hear horrifying news from the front where our soldiers are dying. It became known that on June 18, the founder of the youth NGO “Call of Yar” with the call sign “Istorik” died in a battle with Russian invaders. The hero was performing a combat mission in the Kherson region, when he was covered by artillery fire. Friends knew that the “Historian” was preparing with honor to die in battle. However, they still cannot recover from the loss.
  • It was also reported that the commander of the “Carpathian Sich” battalion and the long-term leader of the “Legion of Freedom” Oleg Kutsin was also reported to have died in the war with the Russian invaders. Ukraine lost a Hero in the Kharkiv region, in the Izyum direction. Oleg Kutsyn, whose call sign was “Kum”, led the 49th separate rifle battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He was also the founder of the Freedom Legion and led it for many years. He was known as a real warrior.
  • Unfortunately, we are losing courageous and courageous correspondents in this war. The well-known Ukrainian war correspondent Aleksey Chubashev died. Only in 2021, the defender was fired into the reserve. But immediately after the full-scale invasion, he returned to the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to defend Ukraine. The exact circumstances of death were not known. After February 24, his son was born. The hero managed to see him once.
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