SSO unit destroyed at least an enemy company and an Orlan-10 UAV near Bakhmut


SSO unit destroyed at least an enemy company and an Orlan-10 UAV near Bakhmut

The Special Operations Forces, along with other military formations, continue to defend the fortress city of Bakhmut. The other day in the battles they managed to eliminate at least an enemy company.

The soldiers also successfully destroyed an enemy drone “Orlan-10”. Special Operations Forces continue to resist the enemy and inflict losses on him.

Invaders are fighting back

Our defenders have published footage of the battles in the defense of Bakhmut, which has been the hottest on the front line for many months. However, the invaders will suffer losses when they attempt to attack, which is proved by the company of the invaders liquidated by the Special Operations Forces.

Operators of the MTR of Ukraine continue to courageously defend Bakhmut. One of the units over several days of fighting in this direction canceled at least an enemy company and the Orlan-10 UAV. The enemy is rebuffed at every attempt to move forward, the SOF noted.

Special Operations Forces defend Bakhmut: watch the video

Enemy losses

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022, Ukrainian soldiers have been destroying enemy equipment every day and liquidating hundreds, and sometimes thousands of invaders. As of March 17, 2023, the occupying army has lost:

  • about 163,320 people;
  • 3506 tanks;
  • 6823 armored combat vehicles;
  • 2552 artillery systems;
  • 504 multiple launch rocket systems;
  • 265 air defense systems;
  • 305 aircraft;
  • 290 helicopters;
  • 2145 UAVs of the operational-tactical level;
  • 907 cruise missiles;
  • 18 ships and boats;
  • 5,401 vehicles and tank trucks;
  • 258 units of special equipment.

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