Stabilization shutdowns partially applied in Kyiv and the region


Stabilization shutdowns partially applied in Kyiv and the region

In several districts of the capital and the Kyiv region on the morning of March 17, a stabilization blackout was introduced. The reason was damage to power facilities, due to which it is impossible to supply electricity to all subscribers.

Kyiv and the region are still recovering from the massive missile attack on March 9th. Energy workers are working to restore power supply.

Where will the lights be turned off?

DTEK reported that stabilization blackouts were applied to subscribers of the Goloseevsky, Svyatoshinsky, Shevchenkovsky and Solomensky districts of the capital.

In addition, stabilization shutdowns were also introduced for residents of parts of the Buchansky, Obukhovsky and Fastovsky districts of the Kyiv region.

Due to damage to equipment, power facilities cannot transmit energy to all residents of these areas. Therefore, at the command of Ukrenergo, stabilization shutdowns were applied in accordance with the schedules posted on the websites, DTEK noted.

You can find up-to-date information on outages in Kyiv and Kyiv region by following the links.

Energy strikes

Since October 10, during the autumn and winter, Russia has been hitting power facilities with missiles, which is why Ukraine had to introduce planned and emergency power outages while the power grid is being restored. The terror of the occupiers consisted in the hopes that the Ukrainians would freeze in winter. However, the hostile plan failed.

On March 9, the Russians again decided to attack Ukrainian energy facilities, however, in most cases, negative consequences were avoided due to preventive power outages – against the backdrop of the threat of an attack, the lights were immediately turned off in a number of regions so that a potential strike would cause less harm to the energy sector.

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