State protests for black rights confirms Biden's victory

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State protests for black rights confirms Biden's victory

The American state of Minnesota, which launched a wave of protests for the rights of blacks, confirmed the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden in it in the presidential election. Reported by the Associated Press.

It is noted that the state electoral council unanimously confirmed the election results, according to which Biden scored seven percent more than the incumbent President Donald Trump – almost 52.5 against 45 percent. At the same time, Minnesota showed record data on voter turnout; almost 80 percent of all voters came to vote there.

It was in Minnesota that the Black Lives Matter protests began in late May following the death of security guard George Floyd in a brutal arrest. Soon the actions of the police became the cause of mass pogroms throughout the country. The protesters claimed unfair treatment of blacks.

Earlier, the Biden headquarters confirmed the beginning of the formal procedure for the transfer of power from Donald Trump. At the same time, the president said that this decision does not mean agreement with the election results.

On November 3, the next presidential elections were held in the United States. The counting of votes and the proceedings on this issue are still ongoing. According to the media, Biden received the necessary number of electoral votes to win, thus beating Trump. The democrat has already proclaimed himself the elected president of the United States.

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