Steam has banned cryptocurrency transactions and trading of rights to items in games

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Steam has banned cryptocurrency transactions and trading of rights to items in games

All games that have the ability to conduct cryptocurrency transactions and trade rights to various items will be banned on the Steam gaming service.

This was reported by The Verge with reference to a game developer under the nickname SpacePirate, who specializes in games with the ability to sell rights to items in them. As noted, we are talking about NFT technology. This technology allows you to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items and, using blockchain, track who owns them.

In other words, this technology uses non-fungible tokens, a kind of digital coins that cannot be replaced with another token without changing the value and essence of the object. Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are created on the blockchain, which is the database for recording all transactions. Therefore, by banning NFT, Steam will also ban cryptocurrency as such in its service.

Therefore, Valve, which owns Steam, is introducing a new rule to completely move away from giving game items real value, thereby depriving such trade sense and protecting itself from the prospect of litigation in case of violation of ownership of their games or other publishers, or other people's items. in them. In this regard, it is noted that many scandals have recently been associated with NFT, for example, the auction of items with unresolved issues of ownership, and with regard to cryptocurrency in many countries, there is a growing negative.

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