Steinmeier defends Scholz's “cautious approach” to arms supplies to Ukraine


Steinmeier defended Scholz's 'cautious approach' to arms supplies to Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz continues to slow down the transfer of Leopard tanks. Steinmeier decided to stand up for him and support the “cautious approach”.

According to Federal President Franco-Walter Steinmeier, the line of the German government on the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine is correct. And this is despite the fact that a number of countries daily put pressure on Berlin and call for the green light to finally be given from Leopard.In his opinion, every responsible politician should reason in the light of the possible development of events. Like, he should ask himself “when and under what circumstances the conflict can sharply escalate”.

This should be taken into account, as well as an assessment of the impact of the cost of the lack of support,” Steinmeier said.

He added that Germany“supports Ukraine”substantially and constantly”.At the same time, he criticized Berlin's policy towards Russia before the most full-scale invasion.

In his opinion, the wrong decision was not to recognize this at an early stage. After all, it became clear that Putin “overlooked his view of the world.” And thatto achieve his imperial goalshe is able to risk the political, social, and economic collapse of Russia.

Steinmeier stressed that Putin’s declaration of the West as his enemy is what everyone follows from draw conclusions.

Attention!On the morning of January 20, a meeting was held in the Rammstein format. Behind this link you can see its results.

The whole world is pressing on Germany

  • But let's start, so to speak, from the end. Unfortunately, during the “Ramstein” it was not possible to approve the decision to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine, as well as the American Abrams.
  • At the same time, the Germans had already protested. During it, they demanded that the country's authorities hand over tanks to Ukraine, which would help accelerate the victory of our state.
  • Meanwhile, in Germany they said that they were “ready to act quickly.” But they will do this only when a consensus is reached related to Leopard.
  • If we talk not only about tanks, then good news from Berlin still awaits us. Germany has announced a spring package of military assistance to Ukraine. It is estimated at 1 billion euros.
  • Recall that the United States also accepted a powerful package of military assistance to Ukraine. Its total cost is 2.5 billion dollars. This became known before the start of the Ramstein meeting.

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