Steps to save Boris Johnson after the party scandal have been revealed

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Scientist Ananyeva: Johnson plans to abolish covid restrictions to save his career

Раскрыты шаги по спасению Бориса Джонсона после скандала с вечеринками

Photo: Adrian Dennis / Reuters

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to take several measures to save his political image and career after the scandal with parties in Downing Street during lockdown. The policy revealed possible steps in an interview with Lenta.” Head of the Center for British Studies of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, expert of the Valdai Club Elena Ananyeva.

The scientist suggested that the operation to “rescue” Johnson would be to direct the forces of the British Navy to stop the flow of illegal migrants across the English Channel. She also recalled that the head of government intends to cancel all coronavirus restrictions at the end of January. “These measures are aimed at easing his position in public opinion, but will it help the healthcare system? A big question,” Ananyeva concluded.

The expert noted that against the background of the discovery of new details of “wine Fridays” at Johnson’s residence, even conservative supporters wanted his resignation. However, in her opinion, the British prime minister is unlikely to leave on his own. “He can resign only if he is forced by the parliamentary faction or the Conservative Party,” Ananyeva said. According to the scientist, Johnson is trying to shift the blame to others, so resignations of officials may soon follow.

Earlier, Johnson tried to justify himself for participating in parties organized in the garden of his London residence during the coronavirus quarantine. “No one warned me that it was against the rules, I would have remembered it,” the politician said. At the same time, the former assistant to the head of government, Dominic Cummings, caught him in a lie.

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