Stew in the store – with a magnet: in Russia, hunger is much closer than we thought


Store in a shop – with a magnet: famine in Russia is much closer than we thought

Cheap stew is attached to magnets in Russian shops/Frodo and Mordor Telegram channel

Before the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine, ordinary citizens of the aggressor country did not show off anyway. Videos often appeared online of Russians looking for food in dumps near supermarkets.

Now that the Kremlin is spending crazy money on the war, and sanctions are only gaining momentum, Russians may be on the verge of starvation. Ekaterina Solyar, host of Channel 24, told about this on the air of Channel 24.

Tushonka is a value

“A photo from Russia that surprised me today – stew with a shop magnet. In Ukraine, these are usually found on black caviar or very expensive alcohol,” Solyar said.

As the presenter emphasized, such magnets cling to expensive things so that they are not stolen or taken out unnoticed. So it is quite likely that the store took such a step, since in Russia people begin to steal even canned meat for 233 rubles.

Hunger in Russia is much closer

“It turns out that the famine in Russia is a little closer than we thought, because to attach a magnet to an ordinary stew …” – said Solar.

The presenter also noticed that the magnet itself is probably more expensive than those canned meats. At the same time, she recalled that Russia has already had wars over sugar and feminine hygiene products.

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