Stocks of wheat in Ukraine – for several years, but problems may arise in winter


Wheat stocks in Ukraine – for several years, but problems may appear in winter

Wheat stocks in Ukraine/Pexels

< strong _ngcontent-sc85="">Ukraine is one of the most powerful grain exporters in the world market. We have very large stocks of grain, but we can have them for several years.


However, the situation with wheat can be more difficult in winter. Elena Neroba, business development manager at Maxigrain, told Channel 24 about this.

According to her, this year the harvest began a little earlier and not only in Ukraine, but throughout the northern hemisphere. Almost half of the barley in the non-occupied territory and almost 15% of the wheat have already been harvested.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the spring field work was not carried out in full due to military operations on the territory of Ukraine, the yield will be lower than planned, Neroba said.

The point is how she added that part of the territory was captured by the enemy. Therefore, production will be less than expected. This will also affect prices around the world.

How much wheat is left in Ukraine

According to her, wheat stocks in Ukraine, even without taking into account the new harvest, will last for several years.

However, problems may arise in winter, Bezdelnyk stressed.

At the same time, there are no opportunities to store grain either. Only a part of the elevators remained in the temporarily occupied territory. The other part was destroyed by Russian missile strikes.

“So far, there is a place to store the crop. However, do not forget that for Ukraine the main grain crop is corn. Several large Ukrainian producers also noted that there is also no opportunity to harvest and store everything, since it is very expensive,” the expert added.

Attention! The war unleashed by Russia has pushed the world into a global food crisis. As of May 25, there are only 10 weeks of wheat left on Earth. There has never been such a terrible crisis in the modern history of mankind.

Briefly about the “grain agreement”

On July 22, Ukraine and Russia signed separate agreements with Turkey and the UN on the safe export of Ukrainian grain from ports. The agreement will pave the way for significant grain exports from Ukraine.

The very next morning, the Russian army fired rockets at the port in Odessa, near which the grain was located. This despite the fact that the Kremlin has pledged to ensure the security of the ports.

Fortunately, the grain was not affected, and our state is preparing to export it.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin hopes to lift some sanctions that hinder transactions with grain. For this, it seems that the UN Secretary General has already been involved.

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