Storms make Russian fleet seasick, but also pose a threat due to mine drift, – APU


Storms make the Russian fleet seasick, but also pose a threat due to the drift of mines, – APU

Because of a storm in the Black Sea, they can drift mines/Collage Channel 24

In the northwestern part of the Black Sea, the Russian naval group is trying to maintain a favorable regime for its forces. At the same time, the sea conditions are rather unfavorable.

Now the sea is very stormy. This forces enemies to take cover in base points from time to time. Currently, the crews of 4 missile and 3 large landing ships are being tested for resistance to seasickness – this is the number of Russian ships currently based in the Black Sea.

The threat of missile strikes remains

The operational command “South” notes that the threat of a missile strike from the sea remains quite high, but does not exclude strikes from the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Kherson. Also, the enemy can use strategic aviation to strike at Ukraine.

A storm can drag sea mines to the shore

Although stormy weather shakes the ships of the Russian invaders a little, at the same time, the risk that sea mines can drift in the water area is growing.

Therefore, remember and take into account the danger contained in the coastal waters and the coast of the entire southern region. Do not neglect the rules of action in case of air alerts, warnings and prohibitions, which are primarily aimed at saving your lives, – noted in OK “South”.

Back to news in the Black Sea, large landing ships of the invaders are constantly “hanging out”, so there remains a certain risk of landing. Although now it is minimal, since at this stage of the war it is suicidal for the Russians.

  • Due to the lack of success on land in the South direction, the enemy does not have the opportunity to support the marines in the event of an amphibious landing. At the same time, it is no secret that a powerful defense system has been set up in Odessa.
  • By the way, in the south, the Russians are only holding the line and trying to conduct a counter-battery fight. The Russian command does not conduct active operations and does not create any strike groups, so the threat of a resumption of the offensive in this direction is minimal. However, unfortunately, the Russians, as if in agony, mercilessly shell civilian targets in the South.

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