Streamer sued Twitch for $ 20 thousand for blocking a channel

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Streamer sued Twitch for $ 20 thousand for blocking a channel

The streamer managed to sue the streaming portal Twitch for a lifetime channel blocking in 2016. The man tried to shake $ 35 million off the platform, but the court ordered a more modest compensation – a little more than $ 20,700 (about 1.5 million rubles at the Central Bank rate).

Five years ago, Twitch began regulating streams that advertised roulette sites offering betting on fights in a CS: GO video game. Such roulettes were promoted by the American streamer James Varga, also known as PhantomL0rd.

As a result, Twitch accused the blogger of co-owning one of these roulette sites called CSGOShuffle, reducing the chances of users winning while advertising the platform to viewers. For this, the channel was blocked forever, although initially the moderators did not even explain the reason.

Varga completely denied all allegations and in 2019 began to sue the company. For the unfair blocking, he demanded $ 35 million. The litigation lasted two years and ended in the streamer's victory in the district court of the city of San Francisco. The compensation turned out to be 1,750 times less than what the man demanded in the lawsuit – $ 20,700.

Earlier, the Twitch administration announced that the service will fight inappropriate behavior of its users not only on the site itself, but also outside it. Offensive and aggressive actions in real life can now also become the basis for blocking on the platform.

Photo: frame from video / YouTube channel TDM_Heyzeus

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