Stremousov even spoke Ukrainian, – activist about Gauleiter's actions in Kherson region


Stremousov even spoke Ukrainian, – an activist about Gauleiter's actions in the Kherson region

Stremousov campaigns for a “referendum”/Collage of Channel 24

occupiers and collaborators are preparing a pseudo-referendum in the Kherson region. They travel around the villages and agitate people.


The Kherson activist Vladimir Molchanov said this for Channel 24. He noted that due to the fact that the military has focused on front-line warehouses and concentrations of enemy troops, the population is depressed.

“Many in the occupied cities in the Kherson region despaired and went into a state of depression due to the decrease in the activity of hostilities,” Molchanov said.

However, the activist added that people are used to explosions and the destruction of Russians in Chernobaevka.

Opening for collaborators

According to Molchanov, there is another negative consequence of the transfer of activity to the front line – the invaders raised their heads and their morale improved. They again began to actively promote their ideas for the so-called referendum.

It is necessary that the Armed Forces of Ukraine put them in their place, because the arrogance has reached the point that others are driving through the villages of stremouses. They gather people there, agitate for joining Russia. It got to the point that Stremousov even tries to speak Ukrainian, because he realized that the village around the Russian-speaking Kherson is absolutely Ukrainian-speaking. – said Molchanov.

He added that there are several villages founded by “fugitive Russians”, but they also gradually became Ukrainianized. The activist explained that the villages speak Ukrainian, both on the right and on the left bank of the Kherson region.

Pay attention – the women spoke about the occupation of the Kherson region: watch the video

Occupied Kherson region: latest news

  • The Russians kidnapped the director of the Gavrilov school Tatyana Tkachenko. They want to force her to cooperate.
  • Enemy paratroopers arrive in the Kherson region. However, there is no talk of a new offensive yet.
  • During the night of August 2-3, infidels destroyed 2 squads of murderers in the Kherson region.
  • According to British intelligence, there is a shortage of food in the Kherson region. People will soon be massively trying to leave the region.
  • At the Kalanchak railway station on July 31, a train of infidels carrying ammunition broke out.

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