Strong earthquake hits Afghanistan and Pakistan: at least 250 dead


A strong earthquake hit Afghanistan and Pakistan: at least 250 people died

Afghan earthquake devastating/Channel 24 Collage

< strong _ngcontent-sc88="">Earthquake struck eastern Afghanistan in the early hours of Wednesday, June 22nd. As a result, at least 250 people died and more than 150 were injured.

The earthquake occurred at night when people were sleeping

Local authorities noted that the number of victims could still increase. After all, the earthquake occurred at night when people were sleeping in their homes, so many were under their rubble.

According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake occurred about 44 kilometers from the city of Khost, near the Pakistani border, at a depth of 51 kilometer. The strength of the tremors was 6.1 points.

Most of the dead are in Paktika province. Victims are also in the city of Khost and the province of Nangarhar.

Disaster relief efforts continue

At least 100 houses have been destroyed. Currently, work is underway to eliminate the consequences of the natural disaster. So the number of victims may increase.

A strong earthquake hit 4 districts of Paktika province, killing and injuring hundreds of our compatriots and destroying dozens of houses. We call on all aid agencies to immediately send teams to the area to prevent further catastrophe,” Taliban government deputy spokesman Bilal Karimi tweeted.

The quake was also felt in neighboring Pakistan. However, there were no reports of damage or casualties from there.

By the way, the political conditions in the country complicate the situation. As the international community largely abandoned Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover last year amid the chaotic withdrawal of US troops from the longest war in its history.

This will likely complicate any relief effort for this country of 38 people million people.

The attacks in Afghanistan continue. So, on June 11, a minibus carrying passengers exploded in Kabul. Four people were killed and several others were injured.

Al Jazeera reported that the Taliban are celebrating a year since the start of the takeover of the country and Afghanistan has been suffering from similar explosions in recent months. Previously, ISIS was admitted to the attacks.

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