Stylization as Moscow priests: how Pasha “Mercedes” imitates the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church


Stylization for Moscow priests: how Pasha "Mercedes" imitates representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church

On April 1, the SBU conducted searches in the house of Metropolitan Pavel Lebed, better known as Pasha “Mercedes”. The released footage shows gold, jewels and portraits. Earlier, journalists noted Pasha's expensive Mercedes accessories, including a scarf for $700 and a watch for almost 40,000. This is all “stylized as Moscow priests.”

This opinion was expressed by Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin on the airChannel 24. However, he noted that, compared to his Russian colleagues, Metropolitan Pavel is simply a beggar.

“I never understood this. Why can’t you drive a simpler car, wear non-branded accessories? What difference does it make to him, because he is dressed in unfashionable clothes, let’s say so,” Feigin remarked ironically.

Mark Feigin on the case of Pasha “Mercedes”: watch the video

The Russian Orthodox Church cultivates church business

Altruism and greed are definitely not about the Russian Orthodox Church, the human rights activist noted. After all, the concept is cultivated there that the church should be fashionable and rich. Therefore, all these expensive accessories, watches, cars are a stylization of “Moscow priests”.

But compared to them, Pasha “Mercedes” is simply a beggar. There (in Russia – Channel 24) they do not leave the house without a watch for half a million. It’s not serious to drive a Maybach – I’m talking about Moscow priests,” he said.

The human rights activist added that, despite the alleged condemnation of Russian aggression, there were many collaborators among the church representatives. Especially in the temporarily occupied territories. It was necessary to cut off ties with the MP more sharply.

“I don't know how Metropolitan Pavel will talk about this in court. I think that there will be no serious persecution. But resisting the actions of the authorities in a war is not the best and not the most reasonable way,” he concluded.

The case of Pasha “Mercedes”: what is known

  • The SBU intercepted the conversations of Pavel Lebed, in which he stated that Ukraine was “provoking” Russia, called for prayers for Kirill and rejoiced at the Russian flags in Kherson. Suspicion was announced to him.
  • Despite the postponement of the court session, allegedly due to the state of health of Pavel Lebed, he was nevertheless chosen a preventive measure – round-the-clock house arrest for 60 days with the obligation to wear an electronic bracelet.
  • Pasha “Mercedes” actively protested against wearing an electronic bracelet. Like, it can harm his health. Also, the metropolitan was not satisfied with the fact that he had to spend the next 60 days in his house, which he was allegedly trying to sell.

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