Subpoenas are handed out even in colleges: what are the methods of Russian mobilization in Crimea


Subpoenas are handed out even in colleges: what are the methods of Russian mobilization in Crimea

The so-called authorities of the temporarily occupied Crimea have intensified mobilization actions on the territory of the peninsula. Now they are handing out agendas in educational institutions to students who have not yet completed their studies.

Human rights activist Eskender Bariev confirmed this information to Channel 24 . He told what kind of specialists the occupiers at the front lack.

Can start a new wave of mobilization

According to him, for students of the 4th year of Motor Transport and Railway, agendas were provided, although they should finish their studies in July 2023. This suggests that the occupiers do not have enough mechanics at the front.

The human rights activist noted that summonses are also being distributed in various village councils of the peninsula.

For example, in the Suvorov village council of the Saki district, where 3.5 thousand people live, they prepared 75 agendas and began to distribute them, he said.

Bariev believes that this is a direct condition for the occupiers to start a new wave of full-scale mobilization or actively prepare for conscription. Although it is known from their official sources that the draft begins on April 1.

“The Russians made changes to the legislation and increased the age for men to serve in the Russian Armed Forces in order to attract more people to their army,” he stressed.

Human rights activist on methods of mobilization in Crimea: watch the video

Prepare for forced evacuation

The human rights activist noted that in some areas of the temporarily occupied Crimea they went from house to house and asked about the residents, whether they had vehicles, whether there were minor children or elderly people.

He explained that now the occupiers are collecting such information in state institutions. They are probably preparing for a possible so-called forced evacuation. And we know that in 2020-2021 they made changes to the legislation of Russia and adopted a regulatory legal act, GOST, according to which they can perform forced evacuation.

“We are trying to inform all international structures, in particular the UN mission, about such actions of the occupiers,” Eskender Bariev stressed.

The situation in the temporarily occupied Crimea: what is known

  • March 14 in Simferopol there was a large-scale fire in a large warehouse. The area of the fire was 1000 square meters. Rescuers arrived at the scene – about 30 people and 7 pieces of equipment. According to preliminary information, there were no casualties.
  • On March 15, a large-scale fire broke out in the temporarily occupied Kerch. According to preliminary information, the fire broke out 2.5 kilometers from the Zalov shipbuilding plant stolen by the invaders. The reasons for this emergency, its area and how many rescuers were sent to fight the fire is unknown.
  • Collaborator and head of the Crimean occupation administration Sergei Aksyonov said that defense lines are being built in the temporarily occupied Crimea. The collaborator did not disclose the details of preparing the peninsula for defense, but assured that all decisions of dictator Putin would be implemented.

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