Subpoenas through Diya: Maliar explained whether this issue is being discussed


Subpoenas through Diya: Maliar explained whether this issue is being discussed

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar stressed that in Ukraine they do not issue subpoenas because of “Action”. She noted that Russia is actively spreading disinformation about mobilization in Ukraine.

Anna Malyar noted this in her telegram channel. By the way, Channel 24 used to talk about the Kremlin’s narrative that allegedly NATO troops are fighting in Ukraine as part of a new mobilization campaign.

Russian propagandists are trying to discredit the Ukrainian army

Anna Malyar debunked popular myths spread by Kremlin propaganda in order to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the military command. In particular, a fake is “walking” on the network that through the Action application they are issuing or will be issuing subpoenas.

Also, information is constantly spreading that, allegedly, summons will be issued through “Action”. They don’t issue subpoenas because of “Action,” Maliar wrote in her telegram channel.

Moreover, the Deputy Minister of Defense added that now this issue is not even being worked out . This means that any stuffing on this issue can be considered disinformation.

What other fake was refuted by Malyar

  • The Russian invaders are spreading false information that the Ukrainian mobilized are sent without preparation to the front line in Bakhmut. However, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine disproved this widespread myth.
  • According to Deputy Minister Anna Malyar, the mobilized are first sent to training centers. The training of privates and non-commissioned officers does indeed take place on a reduced schedule, but the quality of training does not suffer.
  • In addition, the mobilized are sent to different directions, and not just to the East. For example, rear military units, such as educational institutions, bases, warehouses, arsenals, repair units, communications and cyber defense units also need specialists.
  • Or for positions related to the protection and defense of airfields, hospitals and motor depots. In such places, it is necessary to concentrate part of the defenders who will guard and protect them around the clock.

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