Such decisions are made at the highest level: why the US UAV incident is not “unintentional”


Such decisions are made at the highest level: why the US UAV incident is not

Earlier, Russia shot down an American MQ-9 Reaper drone over the Black Sea. This is a serious decision that is not made at the level of the air commander.

This requires permission from the top leadership, because this may be the reason for the start of a military conflict. Aviation expert Valery Romanenko said this to Channel 24 .

Now NATO is avoiding any aggravation of the situation. Even when rockets fall on their territory, they do not see them point-blank,” says Romanenko.

The Russians prepared for the maneuver

According to an aviation expert, the Su-27 does have the ability to dump fuel in the air, but this is not done at the altitudes at which the MQ-9 Reaper flew. Such a drone (after running out of fuel) has a flight weight of slightly more than 3 tons. But the Su-27 fighter is much larger in size, its weight is about 30 tons.

If such an aircraft performs sharp maneuvers in front of the MQ-9 Reaper, it creates significant turbulent flows that can do anything with such a light drone with a huge wingspan. So, the fighter can just flip it over. In addition, Romanenko notes, without a direct strike on the drone, the situation can be brought to the point that the device will lose control.

“The Russians prepared for such maneuvers, figured out which was quite effective, and thus shot down this drone,” the aviation expert says.

US should post video

The Russian side has already published a video intercept from the Su-27. The number of the American drone is clearly visible there – 294. According to Romanenko, it is worth waiting for the publication of the American video in order to establish whether there was contact. The Russian video clearly shows that the vision system was looking towards the Su-27, which overtook it in 3 to 4 seconds. His speed was many times greater.

“The Americans had the opportunity to completely film the whole process, I don’t understand why they don’t teach it. In any case, the plumage of the drone does not allow hitting the propeller. That is, this situation must be confirmed by the American side,” the expert noted.

Russia plays to our advantage

  • Now the aggressor state is pretending that it had no intention of shooting down the MQ-9 Reaper. But no matter what Moscow said, this incident could not have been an accident.
  • Political scientist Nikolai Davydyuk is convinced that in terms of its absurdity and stupidity, Russia is leading us to our advantage.
  • Thus, the actions of the Russians will cause the mobilization of our Western partners. He believes that after incidents such as the downing of an American drone, Ukraine can even count on super-modern weapons that were previously taboo.

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