“Suicide bombers in pockets” – Zhdanov revealed the details of the identification of the murdered Russians


"Suicide bombers in pockets", – Zhdanov revealed the details of the identification of the murdered Russians< /p>

The hastily organized mobilization of Russians is so poor quality that they cannot even make personal tokens for the mobilized. The death of Russians is so massive that, in all likelihood, they see no point in making tokens.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov told about this24 Channel. According to him, the Russians use the methods of World War II to ensure the identification of their dead.

Ukraine cannot identify the killed invaders

Oleg Zhdanov said that due to the lack of special tokens, it is not possible to identify the killed Russians.

But this did not stop the “second army of the world”, because such trifles do not bother the Russian military leadership. Despite the lack of tokens, the resourceful Russians nevertheless found a way out.

The leadership ordered to carry a cartridge case with a piece of paper in it in the breast pocket. On this piece, each Russian occupier must indicate information about himself, his personal number, etc. – said Oleg Zhdanov.

According to the military expert, this approach is a return to World War II. Then the practice of identifying the dead by the cartridge case in their pockets was widely used. Such a cartridge case is called a “suicide bomber”.

Oleg Zhdanov told how the dead Russians are identified without tokens: watch the video

“The so-called “suicide bomber” when they took a cartridge case from a rifle or from a machine gun, they wrote their data, rolled it up into a tube and put it into the cartridge case,” the military expert noted.

According to Zhdanov, some military men even wore several of these shells.

“We tried to carry this “suicide bomber” in my breast pocket and in my pants. Sometimes, from a shell explosion, the body can be dismembered into several parts. The leadership orders the same today 20 of the Russian army, which operates in the Lugansk region,” Oleg Zhdanov said.

Russia cannot even provide its mobilized with tokens with personal numbers and force soldiers to make suicide bombers for themselves.

Russian losses continue to grow

  • Russians burn their own kind in the occupied Crimea around the clock. Trucks with Russians who died in the war stand in line in front of the crematorium.
  • On February 14, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated 690 invaders. The total number of dead Russians has increased to 139,770 people.
  • In addition to manpower, Russia is also losing equipment, in particular aviation. Forbes reported that Russia, during the full-scale war, lost 8 of its combat helicopters.

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