Super-complicated operation: the Foreign Ministry said how many tanks and infantry fighting vehicles Ukraine needs for a counteroffensive


A super-difficult operation: the Foreign Ministry said how many tanks and infantry fighting vehicles Ukraine needs for a counteroffensive< /p>

Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Melnik named the minimum amount of equipment Ukraine needs for a successful counteroffensive. The defense forces are preparing for spring battles with the invaders.

According to Melnyk, Ukraine needs at least 300 tanks and 500 infantry fighting vehicles to carry out counter-offensive operations in the spring. He said this in an interview that was broadcast on the air of the telethon,writes Channel 24.

Ukraine needs weapons in order to reduce its losses during a counteroffensive

Melnyk explained that Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Valery Zaluzhny have announced the appropriate amount of equipment that Ukraine needs.

We are talking about what we would like for this first upcoming counteroffensive, this spring, we need to have at least 300 tanks, and somewhere around 500 infantry fighting vehicles. And plus, for this you need to train the military, this is also a painful topic,” he said.

The former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany stressed that this is the minimum that will allow the Ukrainian military to plan an operation with minimal losses, but maximum effect.

“This is a highly complex operation that can be successful only when we have a sufficient number of infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, tanks, trained people, artillery, air support, drones. The world has not seen such a thing since 1945. This is the most terrible war,” Melnik said.

He said that Ukraine expects to receive up to 100 Leopard tanks as part of the international coalition.

Ukraine is promised more than 300 tanks

  • In January, Western partners increased their military support for Ukraine. In particular, France became the leader on this issue, which announced that it was transferring AMX-10RC light tanks and Bastion armored personnel carriers to Ukraine.
  • After that, Germany and the Netherlands announced that they would join the United States and supply Ukraine with one SAM battery each Patriot. Also, Berlin and Washington decided to provide Ukraine with infantry fighting vehicles.
  • Poland took the lead in the issue of tanks, putting pressure on Germany to transfer “Leopards”. As a result, Berlin agreed not only to allow the re-export of Leopards, but also decided to transfer several of its tanks to Ukraine. In addition, Ukraine will receive American Abrams tanks and British Challenger 2s.
  • Now Kyiv is insisting that the West hand over modern F-16 fighter jets, as well as long-range missiles, to our military.

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