Super League Boss:


Super League Boss:

Real and Super League boss Florentino Perez.

The super league plans of twelve top clubs have caused an earthquake in the football world. Now the boss of Real Madrid speaks of the super league.

On Sunday evening, twelve clubs announced the founding of the so-called Super League. It is a competition product of the Champions League, in which 20 of the best clubs worldwide will fight for the title on weekdays. The clubs want to continue to compete in their national competitions.

The announcement sparked a wave of indignation. Fans feel cheated of their game and clubs by the rich. The Uefa and national associations are threatening the renegades with expulsion, the players of the twelve founding clubs with bans and expulsion from the national teams.

To put it in an exaggerated way, one could speak of a war between the richest clubs and the most powerful associations for supremacy in European football. At the moment everything looks like the big loser will be the mean football fan in the end.

In the public eye, the following twelve clubs have come across as the “bad guys”: Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid, Barca, Atletico Madrid.

But now Florentino Perez speaks up and tries to paint a completely different picture. The Real boss is president of the new league, says: “When they say: They are the rich – no. I am not the owner of Real Madrid, Real Madrid is a member club. Everything I do is for the good of football Now we are doing this to save football, which is in a critical situation. “

In an interview, he told the broadcaster El Chiringuito de Jugones that the super league should start as soon as possible because the situation is dramatic. The UEFA Champions League reform for 2024, decided on Monday, criticized Perez: “They say the new format will come in 2024. In 2024 we will all be dead.” He also waddles the premier class in general: “The Champions League is attractive from the quarter-finals. We have to play against modest teams, which is not attractive.”

Perez addresses the critics: “Whenever there is a change, there are always people who are against it. What is attractive? The fact that we big players play against each other, competitiveness. That is attractive and is valued more on television, so it generates more Resources.”

The Real boss concludes with a swipe at Uefa: “You have to be transparent. Uefa has not been transparent, and that's over. The monopolies are over, and we all say that football is on the verge of ruin We will definitely not be kicked out of the Champions League. Not even from La Liga, nothing like that. Uefa doesn't have a good image. I don't want to mention things that happened at Uefa, but they have to have a dialogue and do not threaten. “

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