Surovikin will be tougher than Dvornikov, he is Putin's favorite – Feigin


Surovikin will be tougher Dvornikova, he is Putin's favorite – Feigin

Feigin on the appointment of Surovikin/Channel 24 Collage

In Russia officially named the person who will be responsible for the offensive of the infidels in the south of Ukraine – Sergey Surovikin. He actually replaced Alexander Dvornikov. And Surovikin will act harder.

Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin told about this on Channel 24. He says that Dvornikov simply failed and was “pushed”.

But, according to him, the appointment of Surovikin in the South of Ukraine is serious.

After all, Surovikin is Putin's favorite. By the way, in the 1990s he commanded a regiment that crushed three people on the Gorbaty Bridge,” Feigin recalls.

The human rights activist says that more people died there then, but it was these three who were crushed on the night of August 22.

“And this Surovikin, it seems, even served 7 months in this case. And now, you see, he is a general, he has risen. And these are – they are Putin's favorite, because they are ideological,” he added.

Feigin says that Sergei Surovikin went through both Syria and Chechnya, the whole set.

It seems to me that he will more cruel than Dvornikov. After all, Surovikin is not stupid, as an officer he is fully trained and not a clinical alcoholic, like others. he explained.

Mark Feigin on the appointment of Surovikin instead of Dvornikov: video

By the way, since the beginning of June, the Russian command has probably fired several generals from key operational command roles in the war in Ukraine. Such data is provided by British intelligence.

What is known about Sergey Surovikin

  • Soldiers led by Surovikin crushed three protesters in Moscow with military equipment during the August 1991 coup. Surovikina was then arrested. He was in custody for seven months.
  • As early as 1995, he received a suspended sentence of one year. He was found guilty of complicity in the acquisition and sale, as well as carrying firearms and ammunition without a permit. But then the charges were dropped, and the conviction was extinguished.
  • In March 2004, Surovikin beat a subordinate, this happened for political reasons. And already in April, in the office of Surovikin, in the presence of himself and the deputy commander of the district troops, the deputy division commander for armaments, Colonel Andrey Shtakal, shot himself.
  • During the Russian military invasion of Syria, he twice led a group of troops there. For the first time – from April to December 2017. He led the group for more than nine months, longer than any other commander.
  • In January 2019, he was again thrown into Syria. His second stay there lasted four months, until April 2019.

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